More than Lessons

The sense of belonging to a musical community is at the heart of the Middleway experience. We
call these communities “studios,” and each one is unique. In addition to weekly lessons in your teacher’s
home—where you will soon begin meeting other studio members—all students are encouraged to take
part in regular jam sessions, rehearsals, recording dates, and Studio Concerts, opportunities that enrich the
learning experience while fostering a spirit of genuine camaraderie & collaboration.

Our Flagship Studio

Our Silver Spring studio now has nearly fifty student-members, enjoying weekly lessons on guitar, bass,
piano, songwriting, and music theory, and getting together twice a year for live concerts at world-class
venues. We have now completed twelve Studio Concerts, and have performed collectively at various clubs
and theatres in the DC Metro area including Jammin Java, Hill Country Live, Bethesda Blues & Jazz Club,
and most notably, The Howard Theatre. In addition to our Spring and Fall concerts, we also book time at
a professional recording studio each year, and have recorded for three consecutive years at the nationally
recognized Inner Ear Studios in Shirlington, VA.

Breaking the Mold

With our focus on adult learners, popular styles, and the professional level concert experience, Middleway
Music has managed to carve out a wholly unique cultural space—part music-school, part social club, part
performance troupe—that shatters stereotypes, defies categorization, and elevates recreational
performance into high art. Though difficult to capture in words, our photos and videos offer a glimpse
of the Middleway experiment in action: a studio bursting with talent, energy and inspiration; a place where
old and young meet, rehearse and perform together, and unexpected collaborations are the norm; an
incubator for new friendships, new bands, and new sides of ourselves; and above all else, a place where
performance dreams become living reality.

One can acquire everything in solitude except character.


Comminity Margin #1

Community Margins # 2