What We Do

Popular Styles

This is what “pop” used to mean, and it’s what Middleway is all about. For most of us it’s the music we grew up with, and the music we love most: blues, gospel, R&B, soul, country, bluegrass, folk, rock, reggae, funk, hip-hop, and everything in between. These are the styles that form the core of the Middleway curriculum. If jazz and classical are “serious” music, then to us, “popular styles” simply means everything else.

Modern Methods

All of these styles are distinctly modern creations, and they should be learned and taught in distinctly modern ways. That’s why we created The Middleway Method: a bold re-thinking of traditional music education that puts popular styles front and center, preserving the most useful elements of classical theory while honoring the freedom, simplicity, and raw emotional power of “pop” in all of it’s many forms.


  • Matt F., Employee Benefit Consultant
    Studio Member Since 2008

    The sense of family created at Middleway is unmatched. I don’t know of any better way to develop as an all-around musician. Manny is an extremely knowledgeable and creative teacher. He finds new ways to develop small nuisances into entire lessons on a skill that can be applied to your…Read More

  • McKenna M., College Student
    Studio Member Since 2011

    Manny is one of the most inspiring, passionate, and talented people I know and Middleway Music has had an enormous impact on my life. I hope everyone gets the experience and musical education that I was privileged to receive from Middleway. Manny did much more than just teach me guitar—he…Read More

  • Jed K., Pilot, Engineer
    Studio Member Since 2013

    Whether you're just starting out or if you want to hone your skills and confidence as a musician, you need to be at Middleway. I happily stumbled upon them through the Washington Post Magazine article that described their instructional philosophy and emphasis on live performances. I was immediately excited and…Read More

  • Gwen D., High School Student
    Studio Member Since 2011

    Thanks to Middleway, music has become one of the best things in my life. I get to listen to it, but most importantly I get to make it. I'm so lucky to have an amazingly talented and fun teacher like Manny. To be apart of a studio like this and…Read More

  • Jim S., Finance
    Studio Member Since 2009

    Over the past seven years I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the fun and camaraderie of a really-close knit Middleway Music community. If you’re interested in learning to play guitar, it’s an experience that definitely can’t be beat! Too often we decide it’s time to give up on a dream.…Read More

  • Deborah C., Attorney
    Studio Member Since 2011

    At Middleway Music you'll be playing your favorite tunes in the first few months & learning from the best music teacher around, bar none (and I've had several). Manny is an exceptional guitar teacher. His unique methods of improving your guitar skills are smart and effective, and 5 years later,…Read More

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