Any student, at any level of experience or age, would be well served by Middleway Music. Their method isn't just focused on showing you how to play, but on making sure you learn and understand what you are playing. And it's so much fun! My weekly lessons are a mix of learning basic music theory, and then shifting seamlessly to working on songs that I grew up listening to. Bring any song to Manny and minutes later he's translating it into notes that he'll walk you through with poise and confidence. Capped off every six months with a full performance at DC's best music venues, including dress rehearsals, recording in local studio, and all camaraderie that comes with being in a music studio, this is the most fun I could have as an aspiring musician with a day job.

Nick C., Communications at EPA

It's been a joy to play music with Middleway. Manny’s ear is amazing. If come in with pretty much any song in your head, he will listen to it once or twice and soon enough you'll be learning it. His approach to teaching is rigorous, but not intimidating. He works in the context of each student's idiosyncratic musical interests to develop a program for learning an instrument and musical theory. Middleway’s full studio group performances have been a great motivator as well. In a matter of months, I went from flubbing notes and barely forming chords to playing a guitar solo on stage in front of a packed crowd. It's been a great experience.

Matt C., Researcher
Studio Member Since 2014

I messed around on guitar for over a decade, passing through a number of different music studios before finding Middleway. Manny has a passion, talent, and thoughtfulness in his teaching that is unrivaled. In a short amount of time he was capable of moving my playing to a new level and revitalizing my love for the art. He presents a coherent and deliberate style that is both approachable and focused on having fun, but always pushes you and provides a foundation in the theory and knowledge of music. I have never hesitated to sing his accolades to friends and recommend him to new students. I now play weekly in a small trio working on both covers and original songs and I owe it all to him. Plus his twice a year concerts that have you playing on stage, with a full band, in real Washington DC venues is a blast and definitely checked off some bucket list items!

Alex K., Electrical Engineer
Studio Member Since 2012

Bring commitment to Middleway Music Studio and you’ll learn a lot.

Among my morning e-mails is one from my teacher Manny. There's a link to a Solomon Burke tune. “You should listen to this,” he says. At our next lesson he leads me through the chord changes and demonstrates the rounded tone he wanted me to hear. He transcribes it. He chooses a couple tunes to sight-read. Reggae. Grateful Dead. We share Beatles trivia.

I love the vibrant and highly personalized approach at Middleway. Manny focuses on his *students’* musical goals and has the skill, versatility, and commitment to help us achieve them.

Tom G., Accountant
Studio Member Since 2014