Whether you're just starting out or if you want to hone your skills and confidence as a musician, you need to be at Middleway. I happily stumbled upon them through the Washington Post Magazine article that described their instructional philosophy and emphasis on live performances. I was immediately excited and reached out to Manny hoping there was room for me at Middleway. It has been an incredible experience! I have progressed by leaps and bounds, growing as a musician and enjoying the collegial atmosphere of the studio. We are truly a family, not just a group of students. Manny makes it fun and he is truly is invested in the progress of his students. He goes far above and beyond the typical guitar instructor experience of 30 minutes in a small room at a music store. He makes you feel like you are his only student. He skillfully tailors his instruction to the individual, and knows how to push you to do things you didn't know you could do. The live concerts are amazing! These are top-notch productions that bring the students (and their fans!) together for a magical show that is full of energy and the joy of performing together. Middleway gets you through the nervousness of playing in front of an audience and the feeling is indescribable. I'm so glad I happened to buy that Sunday paper several years ago.

Jed K., Pilot, Engineer
Studio Member Since 2013

Manny is one of the most inspiring, passionate, and talented people I know and Middleway Music has had an enormous impact on my life. I hope everyone gets the experience and musical education that I was privileged to receive from Middleway. Manny did much more than just teach me guitar—he pushed me to start writing songs, he was constantly helping me develop creatively, he expanded my musical knowledge, and overall fueled my love for music. I grew tremendously as a musician throughout my four years taking lessons at Middleway. Getting the chance to work with a group of incredibly diverse and talented individuals through recording at Inner Ear Studio in the fall and taking the stage each fall and spring was a unique experience and fostered a real sense of community that I cherish and always love coming back to.

McKenna M., College Student
Studio Member Since 2011

The sense of family created at Middleway is unmatched. I don’t know of any better way to develop as an all-around musician. Manny is an extremely knowledgeable and creative teacher. He finds new ways to develop small nuisances into entire lessons on a skill that can be applied to your future musical explorations. His teaching model really lets you get to be a rock star while growing and developing with your peers!

Matt F., Employee Benefit Consultant
Studio Member Since 2008