When it comes to the live concert, all I can say is “INCREDIBLE.” A couple years ago I went to one of the Middleway studio concerts and fell in love with the atmosphere and wanted to start playing again! (I am 33 and used to play guitar when I was younger.) I have been taking lessons at Middleway ever since and I haven’t looked back. I look forward to my lesson every week because of Manny’s teaching style, which is fun and unique. Every week you learn something new and he never lets you get discouraged.

Adam S., Real Estate Agent
Studio Member Since 2014

Taking lessons at Middleway has been a fantastic experience, and I've gotten more out of it than I'd ever hoped. Manny’s an engaging and enthusiastic teacher who makes every lesson a lot fun while teaching fundamental concepts. Although the lessons are centered around learning songs, he doesn't write down tab and send you on your way: every song is used to teach specific ideas about music and techniques. Finally, the concerts he organizes each year for the students are simply brilliant. Playing as a band at real concert venues, such as the Howard Theater, is unbelievable and makes all of the lessons relevant. It's basically Rock Star Camp and it's awesome. I really can't recommend Middleway Music more.

Jason W., Neuroscientist
Studio Member Since 2013

Middleway Music has been an overwhelmingly positive force in my musical trajectory. Manny has specifically tailored his lessons to fit my not so linear way of learning, and I've made great progress under his tutelage. He has never put up with my excuses, and has always worked diligently to keep me moving forward over the years. Together we've tackled the piano, guitar, singing, music theory, recording, performing live and much more. Middleway Music Studio is unique and unlike anything I've been a part of over my 12 years of music. Manny is a wonderful teacher and has helped me become a better musician and lead a life more intertwined with the world of music. I'm very thankful to be a part of Middleway.

Nicholas K., Business Owner
Studio Member Since 2012

I highly recommend Middleway Music Studio. At the age of 64, I decided it would be fun to learn the guitar. I had never played any musical instrument before and had no real musical knowledge. Manny's teaching methods and patience with a "gray-haired beginner" are enabling me to achieve my goals while having great fun doing it. Playing in a live concert within one year was a highlight of my emerging musical career.

Bob H., Attorney
Studio Member Since 2015